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Itsumademo.... Twogether


Itsumademo.... Ficpic1-1-1

Itsumademo.... Ficpic2


Itsumademo.... Jihyun

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he/she sees all day.


Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song(MAIN THEME SONG)

Listen to It!!^^ It's beautiful

PM List:


Expect the unexpected....

That was the thing Aurelia realize when she ran away from her arrange marriage with Shenyu, her fiance, with the help of her sister Stella.

Now she is of wandering in Tokyo, the largest city of Japan.

What happens when she meets Kiah, the silent boy?

He never really talks [s]and smiles[/s] to people since that day from his past

He only talks when necessary...

But EVER since the day he met [s]IDIOTIC[/s] Aurelia...his life turn into something else...[s](More Like Disaster) [/s]

Is this fate? or just a plain encounter?


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I think it's FATE!

me on pm list!

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Add me to your PM list please!

http://www.myspace.comyourbaby_brenda & http://www.s

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interesting! PM pm! PM list me three!

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Chapter 1: Runaway!!!

Aurelia's Point of View....

...I..Can't Do...This...

"'s Dad...he saids that you should go outside now...The ceremony is about to start..." My sister, Stella, appeared at my front door. She was wearing was wearing a white sundress and was looking at me as if to say 'do you really want to get married?'. I look at myself at the mirror...The gown does look beautiful...but wear this now doesn't seem the right time... that why the reason I'm here?...Or not?

I walk through the hallway with my sister who by now is convincing me not marry Shenyu because she couldn't stand him [s]me either[/s].

Stella: Do you have to I mean the guy is overrated, such a playboy an-

Aurelia: Since you know so much about him why don't YOU marry him instead?

Stella: Heck NO! As You can see the guy is totally in love with himself duh?! Shocked

I giggled...but somehow she was right....


I sneaked out of my bedroom unto the kitchen to get some a slice of cake from the fridge.

'I know I should be on a diet but I'm really hungry...' I smiled as I opened the fridge to get a piece of cake.

As I walk through the hallway I heard a voice from the guest room so I went to check it out...

I saw a guy standing in front of the mirror looking at himself as if to say 'hey i'm the most handsome guy in the world, what more can you get?'

I sweatdropped when I heard him saying..."Ah, Shenyu you're the most handsome guy....I think you should... I dunno spend more time with yourself..*smirk*"

Aurelia: Shocked This guy is nuts...better get the hell away from here before I puke...

*End of Flashback*

But I never thought that THAT guy would be my finance....WTH?!

Well back to reality..I'm getting married to a jerk!!! Omo someone help me!!
.............But even though I called out no one would help me...after all they all AGREED.....Ugh....

Stella and I reach outside...

People were waiting at the garden for the ceremony to start but somehow seeing those people made me so....scared...

I clutched the flowers I'm holding as my parents, Shenyu's parents and Shenyu came towards us.

I gave death glares to Shenyu but he didn't notice because he was too busy admiring himself...

Aurelia: Holy Crap?! Am I really marrying this guy???!!!scratch

" Dear this...[s]I guess[/s] is for your own good..." I heard mom said as she looked at me with sad eyes.

Aurelia: Even mom agrees with us....Argh!! DAD!!!

"And this is also for our company, am I right my boy?!" He turned to Shenyu who by now turned his attention to my father saying "Of course!" And they both laugh like there was no tomorrow..

My patience is almost at the end...

Then Shenyu came near me and put his arms around my shoulders, then said "Don't worry You'll have the beautiful me to accompany you...eternally...*smirk*"

And that was when I snapped... Exclamation

I crushed the flowers that was in my hand, threw it at him and kick him in his front..

" Evil or Very Mad Eternally my butt!!! Go Marry yourself, you selfish pabo!!!"

I then clutched my gown and ran away.

"Aurelia!!!" My dad shouted with mix feelings.

" Mianhe dad!! I rather puke than marry him!!!" I ran heading to the exit.

"Wait~" Shenyu tried to go after me but was stop by my sister when she grab the collar of his suit and pulled him back.

Normal POV

"Don't even try....she might kick your butt if she sees you...After all...You're not the most beautiful guy in the world.." Stella smile evilly as Shenyu was left shocked(mouth still open) of what she said...

Back to Aurelia's POV

I was already being chased by those bodyguards dad has hired...

Aurelia: Since when did dad need bodyguards anyway?! He's a taekwondo expert...he can kick anyone's butt?!!

I ran




where am I again?!!!!

Oh Tokyo.....


Why did Dad held the wedding here anyways? Could it be just in Seoul?....

Heck!!! WTH am I saying?!!!

" Where is she?! Split up and find HER!!" I heard one the bodyguards who was trying to find me...

I started to ran without thinking...

"There SHE is!!!"

Oh no!!

"Quit following me!!" Okay that was a childish(stupid) thing to say..

Then I started to think...

'Of course there are a lot of people here! STUPID me!! I could quickly blend in...I just have to take this veil off..' And with that I took the veil off and then hide in the crowd..

While hiding...I saw a bus which gave me a big Idea...

I got on the bus which was about to leave (Aurelia: Yes got away safely..)Cool

I sat to one of the seats...

The bus was half empty...

I sighed and looked at the window...

It was night time...

'Tokyo seems so beautiful' I admired.

'So.....Where the heck would I go now?' confused

End of Chapter

*just click the underline words to see the pictures^^*

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Itsumademo.... Ficpic11


~At Waseda University~

Kiah was reading a book and is about to go home when his friend, Takeshi and Max, called his attention...

"Hey Kiah!!" Takeshi runs by his side along with Max who was rather walking along than running.

"Ye~ what is it?"He immediately turn his attention to them as he close his book.

"Professor wants to say that you would be teamed up singing with Yuki this coming University Festival..." Max utter as he fix his glasses up to his eyes..

Kiah : What the Heck?! Doesn't she know I'm a Psychology major? Shocked

"I think she does but she also knows that you're one heck of a singer...remember the chidren's part-" Takeshi spoke loudly but was cut off when Kiah covered his mouth quickly.

Max: Laughing That was one heck of a party...*pfft*

Kiah: Don't Even Remind Me.... Mad...It was a nightmare...When SOMEONE reminds me that, I get the goosebumps all over agai--Y-OUCH!!!!

Kiah didn't get to finish his sentence when Takeshi bite off his hand then hide behind Max who was now LAUGHING OUT LOUD...

Takeshi: Oh come on, you gotta admit that it did reveal your hidden talent....

Kiah: Like I wanted it to be revealed.. Evil or Very Mad * holds his other hand which was bitten by his friend*

Max: Oh well so much for the HORRIBLE experience...*pfft*..Well gotta get going..See yah!!

Takeshi: YaH~! Wait for me BAKA!! ( baka is the Japanese for "Idiot" )

And with that Kiah was left all alone near the campus gates....

It was already night time so there was only a few people in the campus.

So with that he left the campus and headed home..


At Aurelia's Situation...

"Where do I go now.. confused " Aurelia uttered as she was walking already like an hour.


"YaH~!" She exclaimed as she was pushed off the bus by the driver.
"No money, no ride!" The bus driver exclaimed as he went back on the bus.
"But don't you take Korean Won??!" She kindly asked the driver who was now on his seat.

But in return he shut the door and went on the road leaving her behind.

"YaH~!" She screamed. She quickly shut up when she saw people staring at her. She pouted and sighed. She just went on walking don't know where she would go.

End of Flashback

"Omo...I'm tired, don't know what to do and I don't even where the heck am I" She sat down on a bench and bowed her head down.

She felt quite uneasy because of the gown she worn. It was pretty cold that time.

That was when two DRUNKEN guys approached her without noticing.

"HEY!!! YOU!! LOoKiE here!!! It's seems we've hit the J-aACkPoTT!!" One of them sat beside he which made Aurelia move aside and stand up. But she was startled when the other guys appeared in front of her and made her stumble to the ground.

"WHA-T the heck iS ThE bR-RiDee doing here?!" The other guys was now on top of her. She tried to push him but no budge.

"GET OFF OF ME!!! KYAA!!" Both of the guys were about to touch her when they were both soak in wet when someone threw an open can of soda at them.


Second Guy: SH.IT my clothes are WET!!

" I Threw the Soda! " A guy who was wearing black pants, white polo and sweater with a checkered scarf looked at them with seriousness and tighten his grip on the bag which was on the top of his shoulders...

"Pick someone Your own size!! Perverts!!!"

Kiah's Point of View..(Near Tokyo Tower..)

I was on my way home when I saw two drunken guys messing with a....bride?! WTH?!

Kiah: What the heck is a bride doing here?!

But my thoughts were cut when I saw those guys are really gonna mess with her so I acted on my impulse and threw the soda that I was drinking..



Second Guy: SH.IT my clothes are WET!!

" I Threw the Soda! " I said as I tighten my grip on my bag ready to fight..

"Pick someone Your own size!! Perverts!!!"

***Normal Point of View***

The first guy attack Kiah but he was able to dodge it and he spank his bag on to the guys back. The second one hit him by kicking him on his stomach but that didn't stop Kiah(Who Is Now Angry Because His Stomach Aches From The Kick from fighting. The second guy tried to punch him too but Kiah quickly dodge it, grab the guy's arms and do an ukemi attack on the guy...

The guy forcefully grip off from his move and said "Lett's GeT The HELL OuTTa Here!!!" The first guy agreed and the both ran off like chickens...(A/N: LOL>w<)

Kiah pick his bag and felt like he was forgetting something...

Oh Yeah!! The Bride I Forgot... Surprised

When he turned to look where was the bride...

He saw Aurelia lying down unconscious.

Kiah: Holy Crap..Did she faint?!

He went to her and tried to wake her up.

"Hey..oi...wake up.." He was now panicking.

Kiah: Damn, What to do?! If people saw me carrying a girl, who I might add is wearing a gown, who knows what they might think...gotta wake her up...Suspect

"Oi wake up!" He tried again "Oi..I said WAKE U-" But he was cut off when Aurelia pop her eyes wide open..

"AH!! Get Away from ME!!" She thought it one of those guys who tried to take advantage of her and ACCIDENTALLY punch him on the face.

Kiah fell down and was now in pain..." OW....--WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"

And that was when Aurelia realize he wasn't one of them....

"Opps.. Shocked "

Kiah: Something tell me this isn't good at all...NOT AT ALL...


Situation with Aurelia's and Shenyu's family

Aurelia and Shenyu's parents were now waiting for the bodyguards to arrive...

While Stella pray's for sisters's NOT TO BE FOUND BY THE FREAKING BODYGUARDS safety and Shenyu....still weeping about what Stella said...(A/N: LOL^^)

When the bodyguards arrive...

They reported that they couldn't find Aurelia at all...

He talked with Shenyu's parents about it and seemed to have decided about something...

Then they called the attention of Shenyu who was still whimpering...

And also Stella who was practically mocking Shenyu about him crying like a pig..

That was when Aurelia's father announce..

"It seems like Aurelia is nowhere to be found, we will have the SQUAD search around Japan, for the mean time....Stella you're gonna be Shenyu's fiancee-"

"SAY WHAT??!!" Both Stella and Shenyu screamed as theirs listen to what was just announced...

"NO WAY! WTH!!!" She turned her attention to Shenyu who was no OH SO shock than she is.." I can't marry this GOON, he just as a freak as a pig would be!!"

"Stella, watch your words.." Her mother warned her because she was being SUPER rude.

"But Mom!!"

"No Buts!!" Her father cut her off and then added "If your SISTER doesn't'll be the bride here GET IT?!"




Just Click The links(underline words) for the picture to be shown^^

Thank You^^


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"Oi wake up!" He tried again "Oi..I said WAKE U-"
hahahahaha! i still think that this part was funny

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Sorry, I can't post a reply right now.
I'm like nearly ending ch1. So
ill update it later! I'm getting kicked off. :/
Good so far tho!
Hahahaha, Stella is the bride now?! What?!
Huh?, lol. And I really agree with Der, I think he's a man whore.
But, I wouldnt throw punches at him. Hahaha
Update sssoooon!

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Shenyu is such a conceited man wh0r3 (no offence)
I hate guys like him.... ugh...
makes me wanna throw punches at him! Ha!

"Kiah: Damn, What to do?! If people saw me carrying a girl, who I might add is wearing a gown, who knows what they might think...gotta wake her up... "

Ahaha! That cracked me up!

Ha! Stella--- is she becoming the bride now?
No ONE wants him! That's what he deserved for being so conceited!
HMPH! hahaha

Update soon! Smile

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Itsumademo.... Ficpic16

Kiah: How did it end up like this anyway? scratch

He sighed as he walk down the streets with Aurelia tugging his jacket and following him like a helpless child...


He saw Aurelia lying down unconscious.

Kiah: Holy Crap..Did she faint?!

He went to her and tried to wake her up.

"Hey..oi...wake up.." He was now panicking.

Kiah: Damn, What to do?! If people saw me carrying a girl, who I might add is wearing a gown, who knows what they might think...gotta wake her up... Suspect

"Oi wake up!" He tried again "Oi..I said WAKE U- " But he was cut off when Aurelia pop her eyes wide open..

"AH!! Get Away from ME!!" She thought it one of those guys who tried to take advantage of her and ACCIDENTALLY punch him on the face.

Kiah fell down and was now in pain..." OW....--WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"

And that was when Aurelia realize he wasn't one of them....

"Opps.. :blink: "

Kiah: Something tell me this isn't good at all...NOT AT ALL...

"I'm REALLY REALLY sorry...I thought you wer-" She bowed and spoke but was cut off when Kiah threw death glares at her...

Aurelia: Mommy!!! pale

" Yeah,Yeah I get it..You were scared to death by those guys..." He got up and gave her the OH SO COLD death glares again...

Aurelia sweatdropped and is scared HALF TO DEATH .

She bowed down(really formal this time)"I'm REALLY sorry that I've hurt you.."

Kiah sighed and looked at her...

"It's okay, wasn't your fault anyway... scratch "

Aurelia: partially it is.... Embarassed

He turn around and was about to leave when someone tug his jacket...

He turn his head around and it was the bride that he save....

"WHAT--? Suspect " He gave his death glares again.

Aurelia: pale Um...can I please come

Kiah: affraid WHAT THE--- Don't you have a wedding to attend to-...wait don't tell're a RUNAWAY?! Suspect

Aurelia lost her strength and was already on her knees. Shen then began to cry in front of him.

Kiah: Oh God what did I do now?! confused

Aurelia: P-please...*sniff* I don't have any place to go...a-and I don-n't want to g-go back there..*sniff*

She look at him and loosen her grip on his jacket.

His expression soften...

She then look down feeling embarrassed asking a total stranger big thing.

She was about to speak when Kiah cut her off..(A/N: again?!^^)

Kiah: Force marriage..huh?

Aurelia: How did you know...? Shocked

Kiah: Figures....

Aurelia: Embarassed I'm sorry if I asked you such a big thing, I'll lea-

Kiah: I have no choice, huh? If I let you here you would probably attack by bastards again..huh?

Aurelia: Evil or Very Mad HEY!!! I'M NOT THAT WEAK YAH KNOW!!!!

Kiah: Fine..Fine.. you could come with me...

Aurelia: And I'M NOT- What did you say? Shocked

Kiah: I don't have to repeat do I? Suspect

Aurelia sweatdropped and began to follow him..

~End Of Flashback~

Kiah: Why me!!!! No

As they walk through the streets some people..(or should I call them night people)looked at them...

Some were whispering "Are those two runaways?", "OMG!!Look at them!!" and "Did he stole he bride from a wedding?"

Kiah look at them and gave them COLD AND SCARY~~ death glares, which made them afraid ( some even runaway...)

~When they arrive at Kiah's place...~

Kiah: I'm home....

"Hey stupid brat! It's late! What were-" Her big sister,Shizuka went strolling at the front door only to be surprise on what she saw...

affraid confused

"Did you get married without telling me?"

~End of Chapter~

sorry for the short chapter..I'll make it up to you guys next time^^

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Ha! I have a feeling that I might like Shizuka!
I like this chapter! Makes me smile! ahhaa
hmm... is this the part where she lives with them>
Hahaha... just kidding...
I bet her sister is sufferring still. teehee
update soon! ^.^

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aw!!! i bet his sister is gonna help them later on and is going to like her and hope that Kiah and Aurelia marry. hahaha!! i think too much! XP

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