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Final Everlasting

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1Final Everlasting Empty Final Everlasting on Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:48 am


Final Everlasting
Final Everlasting FinalEverlasting_1
credits to d_er-01 (me)
If you guys want to make me another poster, I will be more than glad to accept it! Smile

An original fic written by Der / d_er-01


There is no PM list; I PM whoever replies.


Prologue - _____ on front page


Author' Note:
Hey there! It's d_er-01 again! This is my second original Fic so far! The others are just FANFICS. (And I didnt post my first one up yet because I personally think it's boring.)
I'm still working on this story and DO NOT worry about my other stories because I'm still fixing them!
(wait... that was a little off topic... but oh well)
I hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed planning it Smile
Please ignore any mistakes that I had made



If someone had told me that lasting forever would hurt this much to see the one you loved go and come back, then I wouldn’t even have chose this path. If I only knew how naïve I was back then, I would’ve killed myself way earlier then I had planned. If waiting is just a waste of time, why am I still waiting? Waiting—waiting for an answer, for my love to come back.
I was stupid, I still am. And I shouldn’t have lived for this.
Listening to his words… obeying them… this is what he made me into—someone immortal.
Being immortal when your partner isn’t… do you have any idea how much that hurts… just to know that fact? They come and go as if nothing was there to begin with.
They withered away as I stood there—stayed the same, looked the same.

I felt the last teardrop that slid down my face and stared at the tomb stone in front of me.

“I shall meet you again…”

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Omo!! I love your intro and the picture..Add me to your pm list please?^^

Is her lover really dead? Sad

Hwaiting for the first chappie^^

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oooooh! how interesting!!! me me me pm-eee!!

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she's immortal?!?!!!!! WHAO! Interesting! Pm me when you update! YAY!
OO! Your skills are getting better and better! Hate you! (just kidding)

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Author's note: Hey guys! I actually posted this up on soompi now! Please support me there too (???). && oh yea, as I stated before, I'm not making a PM list, I only PM those who replies. So yea.. haha Smile Thanks for reading!
Final Everlasting on Soomp!


I sat back on my loveseat as I opened the picture album on the table beside me. There were many memories that was brought back just by looking at the pictures glued to the pages. All of them were the same. Happy moments… that were all lead to death and tears of sorrow and pain. Everything was just black and white to me now. Nothing was new—there was nothing I could do now.
Everything and everyone that were once lively to me were dead and had withered away.
Fate had always been cruel to me. They gave me a secret—a secret that no one knew, but if they did, they wouldn’t believe in it. A secret to what people’s beliefs are called myths, fictions, made-up, etc. I could care less about it now. It was normal and I knew it by heart. Not even my loved ones knew—they died without knowing it.
I sat up and walked into the bathroom to wash my face then gave a loud sigh as I looked into the mirror, staring at the reflection.

“You… you’ve never changed… you stayed young and pretty for what seems like forever… I think it would be best if I’m not with you. I’m aging and I need a wife to age with me. I can’t go on forever with a beautiful woman like you”
“Oppa… what are you talking about? You said nothing matters only if we’re truly in love with each other” I tugged onto his sleeves.
“Let me go, Sue. We’re… we’re over” he pushed me, causing me to tumble over a rock and hit the hard concrete.
“Oppa!” I cried once again as my hand reached for his dissolving figure, “Oppa…”
*Flashback end*

I felt a tear sliding out of its cage and down into the sink. I quickly wiped my tears away and looked at myself in the mirror.

“You’re stronger than that, Sue… I know you can do it… don’t ever fall again…” I repeated the words as I exited the bathroom and out into the kitchen.
I felt a gush of wind went past by me through the opened window and gave a little shiver.
Just then, random things came forwarding to my mind.

“How old am I again?”

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This is so Sad... Sad
She can't be with her lover because she's immortal..

I wonder how old is she?...hmm...

Thanks for the pm^^

Hwaiting for the next update..^^

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yeah.. her past is still sad

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I feel sad for Sue.... how OLD is she? I'm still asking myself that...
Nice prologue!
Update soon Smile

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omo! update soon! <3 I really want to read this one!

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Chapter 1

“Good morning” I walked into my workplace and spotted a co-worker of mine’s in another department.
“Oh-- Morning” she replied, startled at my sudden appearance.

“Omo! Miss Young! You’re here early!” Seuk Hyo ran up to me and smiled.
“Do you have any plans for lu--”
“Mr. Jang, for the 1000th time, I have no interest in you and will never feel that way you feel for me” irritated as I was hearing him ask me that every time I show up in the morning, I just had to yell at his face.
“Please excuse me” I sighed and walked off into the ladies room.

I washed my face with cold water and stared at myself in the mirror. I hated this face. I hated this body. I wished that I wasn’t even here to begin with.
I gave one loud sigh and walked out the restroom.

“Young Sue?”
“Ye?!” I answered and ran to where my work spot was. My boss was calling for me already and it isn’t even my shift yet.
“Would you mind running a little errand for me? My daughter is out spending time with her friends”
“Ah… yes” I nodded as he gave me a manila folder.
“Take this folder to this address and ask for Mr. Moon and tell him to stop bothering me about it”
“Yes” I grabbed the folder and nodded as he handed me a piece of paper with the address on it.

* * *

I walked up to the huge building in front of me and looked up. I gave a loud sigh and entered the building.

“Welcome to Moon’s Company, how may I help you?” the girl behind the front desk asked as she stood up and bowed.
“I came here to drop off something for Mr. Moon from Mr. Chun” I showed her the manila folder.
“Oh okay, please follow me” she lead me into the elevator and pressed on the last level there is-- the highest of all.

“I guess you know their secret too, right?”
“What secret?” I stared at her reflection from the metal door.
“I guess you don’t. Oh well” she sighed as we reached the last floor.

I followed her out and into a workplace where people were running back and forth trying to get paper works reading.

She grabbed the phone and dialed #1.
“Mr. Moon… Someone is here for you… Yes”

She turned around to face me “Wait a while for him. He’s still talking with his nephew”
“Yes” I nodded as she returned downstairs.

I sat down in one of the chairs across the office and looked at the folder in my hand. Too bad it was sealed so I couldn’t open it and look at it.

* * * 5 Minutes Later * * *

“Aish…” I whispered as I stood up and walked towards the door.
As I raised my hand to knock on the door, the door flew open, hitting my face and causing me to fall back.

“Oops. I’m sorry” a muscular voice rang out to me as he kneeled beside me with a hand stuck out to me, waiting for my hand to accept his.
“Ow” I bit my lip and stood up on my own. He grabbed the folder and handed it to me.
“Thanks” I rubbed my forehead.
“Are you here to see my uncle?”
“Mr. Moon-- are you here to see him?”
He shot me a disgusting smile, “Good luck… such a waste though”
“What?” I looked at him in disbelief.
“Nothing… he’s in there. Just go in” he opened the door for me to go in.

“Ah… Sorry to keep you waiting for so long, Miss Young”
“It’s alright. Here you go,” I handed him the folder, “Boss said for me to deliver you a message to not bother him anymore”
“Hm… right…” instead of grabbing to folder itself, he grabbed my hand purposely and smiled at me.
“Let go, please” I knew his intentions, and so I hated his guts.
“C’mon. A little won’t hurt” he pulled me towards him.
“PUNK” I sent him a flying fist with my other hand and purposely flipped his cup of coffee onto him.
“AAHH-- You--”
“I don’t play like that” I regain my posture and walked out his office.

“Dirty sh!t…” I hissed quietly as I walked into the elevator.

Reaching halfway down, the elevator stopped to pick up another person. As the door open, I looked at the person.
He smiled at me.

“What do you want?”
“I knew you weren’t like that”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“My name is Park Jung Tae” he ignored my question.

Somehow I wasn’t mad at this guy. There was something about him that resembled someone I once knew. There was something different about him-- something I couldn’t tell.

“Is there something wrong with me?”
“What’s your name?”
I didn’t want to answer him, but it came out anyways, “Young Sue”


“I’ll be seeing you around” he smiled at me.
“Yeah right…” I rolled my eyes and exited the building.

* * *

“Oh-- Mr. Chun!” I ran towards my manager.
“You delivered it?”

“Oh yeah… today’s a free day for us all so I was thinking we’d all spend time together! I treat you guys to one of the most expensive restaurant!” Mr. Chun clapped as the others cheered. “Kaja!” he ran into his office to gather his belongings.

‘First, he sends me to someone with a dirty mind and this is how he wants to pay me? Ugh… what a retarded manager… Oh well… better than nothing’ I thought.

* * *

*ring ring*

“Hmm… excuse me for a bit, please” I stood up and looked at the screen of my cell phone.
“Hello?” I answered.

“Ya! Sue! How could you do this to me again?!” a drunk voice filtered the speakers on my phone.
“Who’s this?” I leaned on the wall and listened carefully to the man. He sounded familiar but I have no clue who he is.
“Why? Why are you acting like this?”

*beep beep beep beep*

“What the heck?” I closed my phone and went back inside to get my purse.
“Boss, everyone, I have to leave early” that was a complete lie, of course. I didn’t want to be here any longer. I just couldn’t stay with them.

It was almost midnight and I needed to get my cold water. If I didn’t get it, the next day my skin would begin to turn into ashes, then I would end up looking deformed.

“Sue…” a voice echoed throughout the alley nearby.
I turned to look into the dark alley, but there was no one around but cars driving pass by. I looked down and began to walk on again until the voice came back.
“Sue… I see you… I smell you too…”
“What the--” without knowing what I was doing, I walked towards the alley and followed the voice.
“Who’s there?” I stopped about a couple of feet away from the alley.


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i shall and i shall will come and edit tiesh laterz!

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A/N: Sorry for the mistakes, I will soon edit them.

Chapter 02

The voice startled me and so I jumped around to see who was behind me. No one. No one was behind me--at all.
“What are you doing here?!” a voice shrieked from my side.
“YA! STUPID HWA SEUK HYO!” I turned to my left and threw my bag at him.
“Sorry! I was just following you!”
“Go away, you stalker!”
“Ow! Why do you hate me so much?”
“I don’t hate you. I… just… get kind of freaked out when you’re near”
“So you do like me, right?”
“Not like that though. Just as a --”
“Lover?” he leaned in so that our faces were equally lined together.
“Liar… I caught you” he pointed a finger at me and smiled.
“For the last time-- I don’t think that way” I rolled my eyes and walked away from him.
“Liar, liar pencil fire!” he jumped in front of me as I continued walking.
“You’re annoying, stop it”
“You know you like me!~”
I ignored him and looked at my watch.

“Crap…” I pushed back my purse and started to run home. I totally forgot that Seuk Hyo was running along on the side with me until I stopped to catch my breath.

“What the heck!” I accidentally tripped backwards and fell onto the street.
“Sue!” I heard Seuk Hyo yelling my name as I fell. I looked at my side to see a car light flash before my eyes.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” I screamed and shut my eyelid tightly.

“Sue… Are you okay?”

‘That voice… it sounds familiar…’

“Sue! Wake up! Wake up!”
“Ow!” I hit the hand on my shoulder and slowly sat up.
“Are you okay?!”
“Will you quiet down a little bit Seuk Hyo?”
“Why? You almost died because of this person here!”

My vision cleared when I saw Seuk Hyo pushing the guy in a black suit away. I stared at him while I retraced the image of him. Turns out, he was that guy back there in the office with that PUNK Mr. Moon.

“You’re annoying. Stop it” he said to Seuk Hyo.
“What? What the hell are you saying? You’re annoying! Your look-- ugh! Go away already!”
“… No comment on you” he said as he averted his attention back onto me. He took a long look at my arm and when I finally stared at my arm, he asked, “is that a swelling from the car scratch?”
“No” I hid it away and sat up.
“What is it?”
“You don’t need to know. Ugh… I need to go now. See you two later…” I looked around the room, “uh… where am I?”
“You’re at my house. Why don’t you two just stay over night? I’ll send you two back tomorrow morning” he offered.

“No one wants to stay under your roof” Seuk Hyo rolled his eyes at him as I stared at them.
“Well too bad, you two are” he sat back and crossed his arms while looking at me. “And yeah, what’s the name? Mine’s Tae Jung Min. Jun is fine with me”

“Jun?” I looked at him as I saw a light flickered in his eyes. There was something about this guy-- something that caught my attention when hearing his name. “My name is Young Sue… or SooYoung-- what other people call me. But Sue is fine enough, please”
“Sue?” he smiled, “its cute”

“And my name is Hwa Seuk Hyo. Seuk Hyo, that’ll be”

There was a complete silence after Seuk Hyo introduced himself. As I felt my swell deepening, I clutched onto it harder.

“Does it hurt?”
“Yeah… it does… very much…”
“Can I heal it?”
“No… nothing can heal it… only dying can…”
“Don’t say that… Dying is not a thing where you can say it but not do it. You’re not going to die yet, so let’s heal it”
“YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME!” my own voice echoed through the house and back at my ears like spears. It caused so much pain to yell at a person who I love just because they didn’t know that I was immortal.

“I’m sorry…” my voice quivered as I felt tears forming, “can I… can I… take a shower?”
“… Sure…” Jun answered and stood up to get some extra clothes for me. He came back and lead me to the bathroom, “The clothes are in there. I’m not sure what size you are, but you look like you’re the same size as my sister, so you can try on her’s…”
“All right then… thanks…”
“No problem. Take your time” he turned around and left as I closed the door.

I stared at myself in the mirror and then at my arm where the swelling was.
‘I’m so horrible’ I thought as I turned on the cold water and slid my arm under it.

* * *

“Where’s the annoying guy?” I came out of the shower and looked at Jun.
“So the clothes fit you perfectly? And oh, Seuk Hyo? He went to sleep… that guy sleeps early…”
“Yeah.. I think that’s where he gets the energy to bother me a lot…”
“Okay…? Anyways… have a seat while I make you something to eat… I heard your stomach growling earlier… haha” he entered his kitchen while I gazed out his glass door and spotted a gazebo out on his humongous yard. I couldn’t help to stay still so my legs began heading towards outside.

As I reached the gazebo, a feeling hit me like I’ve known this place before. I sat down and trailed my hand across the table. There was a moment where the breeze became thick and then thin. Chills ran up and down my spine as if someone’s finger was traveling inside me.
I hated this feeling… it reminded me of someone so much but somehow the picture of his face wouldn’t show up in my head.

“Are you okay?” a soft touch of a hand wiped away my tears. “I’ve been calling you for some time now… what’s wrong?”
“Oh… nothing” I lied to him and looked away.
“Here…” he scooted the bowl of rice and soup towards me.
“Thanks…” I picked up the spoon and began eating, “aren’t you eating too?”
He shook his head and grinned, still looking at me.

The whole entire time I was eating, he kept on staring at me with his grin on. There was something telling me that he was different from all the guys I’ve met but I couldn’t exactly figure it out until I pushed the dishes away.
“I’m done…”

“What are you, really?”

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hmmm..... i really need to re-read everything all over again..!!! but no time!!! we shall see and have to wait till the weekend or something!!! (meaning that i shall come and edit this--!!!~)

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