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1Unforgettable... Empty Unforgettable... on Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:03 am


“Life gives us brief moments with another...but sometimes in those brief moment we get memories that last a life time...”


Unforgettable... Ficpic15

Jay Park
Sunny of SNSD
Dara of 2ne1
G-Dragon of Big Bang
Tegoshi Yuya of News
Super Junior



This story has been in my mind since last year..
Will be posting a prologue soon

Unforgettable... Tsuna
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2Unforgettable... Empty Re: Unforgettable... on Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:22 pm


oooh! It looks interesting!
I likee the picture!
add me to your pm list! Smile

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unforgettable ..ooww .
i love the title and the video .
it's interesting Very Happy
lots of cute guy.

4Unforgettable... Empty Prologue... on Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:43 am


Why did I end up here again....?...

Oh...I remember...

...because from that day... life...
...started to change...



My first day as a SMe trainee was pretty much normal...I guess.. scratch

But when Lee Soo Man transfer(more like pulled a dirty trick Mad)me ...

I did not expect I would be transfered here!!!...(SM boy's Academy?!WTH?! Suspect)

And it cost me my identity...(really why would that stupid Lee Soo Man put me here?! Does he know I am a girl!! Evil or Very Mad )

It made me hide my identity...(wait a sec- I don't know how to act like a boy *ugh* Someone save me please!!! pale)

What am I going to do here?!What's that president up too?! Could I be able to survive there? Or will they find out who I am?!!

My life is one heck of an adventure...

And I think it only has started...No

Sound like Hana Kimi doesn't it?
Very Happy

Gonna post the first chapter soon...

Some parts are based on real life situations...
You'll see soon^^

Unforgettable... Tsuna
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5Unforgettable... Empty Re: Unforgettable... on Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:58 pm


yeah it really does sound like Hana Kimi in a way... ahhaha
but the girl in Hana Kimi was transferred by anoyone, it was ssimply her choice to go over to an All Boy School.
Update soon! Smile

6Unforgettable... Empty Re: Unforgettable... on Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:46 am


Chapter 1

Part 1:

At The Front of SM Entertainment building*

A girl who was wearing a boy styled black hoodie and army styled pants stood at the front of the doors of the building. She had a short hair cut(which was purposely cut)and was carrying her bag as she stared at the building.

'How did I end up looking like this again...*think* oh...because I have to transfer because of him..or more likely because of my stupid idiotic self..*sigh*..why did I have to be such a klutz..?!' She thought as she remember last week's events...


She sat at a table alone at the canteen as she ate at the spaghetti she ordered.

She was a newbie a SM Entertainment,she wasn't much of a social person and other girl trainees bully her. That's why she's alone.

'So much of a new start' She thought as she was about to stand up but was stop when a group girls approach her.

'Oh great the ungrateful bully girls are here... scratch '

"Oh why is little girl so LONELY?" A girl who has long girly hair said to her in a mocking tone.

"Maybe because she looks like a frog that she can't bloom out and talk to others sis.." Another one of them said.

'Ok...I take it this girls are totally ticking me...' She stood up and was about to walk away when one of the girls grab her.

"Going somewhere?" The girly haired girl pulled her hair..

She replied.

"Yeah...away from a disgusting barf bag like you..."

Then she thrown her leftovers over the girls face which made the girly girl scream like hell...

She was about to walk out of the canteen when she bump into the most unexpected she would see there....

...Lee Soo Man...

'Oh nuts, busted..'

Lee Soo Man grab her ear and was about to take her to his office when he look back at the group of girls saying " You girls, detention for a month, and I mean it..that mean your allowances are cut in half."

She smiled at this.

'Even though I get in trouble with this guy, he sure knows who's in the side of right...'


*At Lee Soo Man's office*

"Okay I've been this has gone too far enough little brat..." Lee Soo Man hissed as he was pissed off on what happened. As for the girl she just stood there with a pissed off face too sitting on a chair beside his table.

"You can't stay at the Girl's Dorm and train with them.." He continued to look at her with a serious face.

"So that means I'm out of SM?..." She closed her eyes and sighed...

"No...." He answered..."You'll be transferred at Boy's dorm and be a TRAINEE there.."


"No complains! This is also your punishment too..You know when than to pick a fight with girls..and I know you, you can beat them up!.." He stood up and stared a his window. "This is for the best..."

'Best?! Heck No it wouldn't be!!!!' She thought as she stared at the ceiling and sighed.


"Oh and one more thing....If all them found out that your a girl, there will be more punishment waiting for you..."


"You heard me...This is my company and you must obey the rules if you want to be successful. Am I clear...?"

'What did I got into...?'

"Ne(Yes)..." She answered as she left the room.

~End of Flashback~

"Is this a dream...? If it is you've got to be kidding me.." She murmured under her breath. She was about to enter the building when...


Someone bump into her...

"Owwww..." She uttered as she stumble to get up. The person who bump into her has already gotten up and was now lending her a hand...

"You okay?" The guy asked as he help her up.

'.....Shocked Omo...It's Taemin of SHINee!!*panicking mentally' Her mind went blank for a second but came back to conscious when Taemin wave his hand in front of her.

"Hey you still there? Or has your brain run away from you?" Taemin exclaimed jokingly as he look at her..(of course thinking she was a boy..)

"Huh- oh Mianhe...Didn't mean to be like that...Embarassed" She answered embarrassingly and dust off her pants.

"Oh it's okay...usually that happens to me...but good thing there is no screaming this time.." He said shyly and smiled which made he blush a bit.

"I won't scream...I'm not that type of g-..I mean boy..hehehehe"

"So you're a new student here?" He asked as he help her pick her bag.( a boyish bag of course..*cough*cough*)

"Ne..." She answered as her body stiffen.

"Well let's get going then, Training is about to start..."


Then he lead her inside of the building.

*Inside the Building*

~Inside the trainee room~

"Yah, Hyungs!!!" Taemin called his fellow members as he pulled the girl towards his hyungs.

"What's up baby boy?!" His hyung, Key, smiled and messed up Taemin's hair.

"Is he a new trainee? Wha'ts his name Taemin??"Minho looked at her with a curious but happy look.

'The heck SHINee members are in front of me!...this IS a miracle!' She just stared a the floor while Taemin explained.

"Um this is- Oh right I haven't asked you your name yet...What is your name anyways?" Taemin turned to her and asked.

Name..of course my name is- wait..I cant tell them my name!! It's a girl's name..!!

Oh crap... confused What am I going to SAY?!

End of Chapter

NOTE: I won't reveal yet the real name of the girl. I will reveal it at the right time. Thanks^^

Unforgettable... Tsuna
Unforgettable... Ani_nekomimisqaloUnforgettable... Ani_nekotakeshi

7Unforgettable... Empty Re: Unforgettable... on Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:19 pm


awww darn it! i was hoping to know!

Update soon!

8Unforgettable... Empty Re: Unforgettable... on Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:06 am


Note: I'm gonna call the girl by her pretend name okay?^^

Chapter 1
Part 2

"Um this is- Oh right I haven't asked you your name yet...What is your name anyways?" Taemin turned to her and asked.

Name..of course my name is- wait..I cant tell them my name!! It's a girl's name..!!

Oh crap... confused What am I going to SAY?!

" name-e is..." The boys look at in wonder.

"My n-name is-s...Nayu Eliot?" She uttered as she came up with a name.

"Did that just came out with a question mark?" Onew asked as he heard her clearly.

"Oh No-no..I was just nervous that's all..."

" Oh..." Jonghyun looked at her mockingly. "I thought you were just mumbling a dong's name..." He laugh off rudely and walked out from them.

'Okay that is really really REALLY humiliating! It does NOT sound like a dog's name (but maybe a little) but that's just plain rude!!!!! Evil or Very Mad'

"Well I think the name Jonghyun is more fit to be a name of a chicken than a loud mouth like you!" She said without thinking.

...1...2........3..*ppooofff* She realized!

'Oh Nuts! Did that just came out??!!'

"WHAT!!!! Evil or Very Mad" Jonghyun screamed in anger as Onew, Minho and Key laugh out loud.

Jonghyun stomped back to Nayu, who by now was shacking in fear, with range of anger.

"Hyung... No " Taemin tried to calm Jonghyun down but it was no use.

Jonghyun grab her jacket and brought her closer to him. While she covered her face with her hand, wishing that she didn't said that...

He was about to punch her when...

"Hey, hey...Jonghyun ma' boy! Hold your horses!" Donghae spoke as he stood before his dongsaengs. "Now what's going on here?"

"I sincerely recalled someone saying that Jonghyun's name is better as a chicken's name!" key teased as he tried to hide his laughter.

"Oh That's nice for a chang...*pfft*" He replied as he laugh silently.

This did not make the situation any better.

"You know what's nice? A good beating that's what-" He was about to punch her again when Yunho, the leader of DBSK, separated them apart and held them tightly on the waist, so that they couldn't move.

"Quit playing like barbarians.. or else..." Yunho uttered as he jokingly said.."Mommy Jaejoong will have her long 'Mommy' Speech again..."


A book was slammed onto Yunho.

"I heard that! Suspect " Jaejoong stood from Yunho's back as he held the book.

Yunho let go of the two and started arguing with Jaejoong and how head hurt so much!

Nayu just stared at them with a sweatdropon her head.

"You'll get use to it..." Someone beside her spoke.

It was Kim Kibum....

' Embarassed It's Kibum oppa...' She tried to hide her blush but became redder when someone put their hands on her shoulder.

"ANNNYEONG HASSAEYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You're the newbie right?Nayu~~?" It was none other than Xiah Junsu. He smiled at her cutely..

"Yesss~" She answered sheepishly.

"Okay Let me introduce you to the others...." He then pulled her to meet the other SM Boy artists.

Junsu took her to the locker room. She was surprised because the boys were half naked. But she regain her composure quickly...(oh right she's use to it because her two very best friends were boys...hehehe).

"Hey Everyone, We got a newbie!!!" Junsu shouted which made everyone stare at them.

"A newbie??!!!" Heechul squealed like a girl and ran to them dragging along Leetuk and Kang-in.

"What's your name lil' bro?" Kang-in started as he put his arms around her and smiled.

" name is Nayu Eliot..."

"Nayu, that's a unique name....well you'll enjoy being a trainee here Nayu!!You'll see.." Leetuk smiled at her.

Nayu: Apparantly, I think it would be extreme life as I see... Neutral

Junsu: Kang-in, you can let go now, He's embarrassed can't you see??

Kang-in: Oh, Mianhe about that....

Then Junsu dragged her and introduce her to Hankyung, Hyukjae, Sungmin, Siwon, Yesung and Shindong who was busy putting their things in their lockers.

It was Hyukjae who was the first to approach her.

"Hi, you're Nayu the newbie right?!" Hyukjaesmiled as he took her hand and shake it.


Junsu: Hey stop smiling would yah, Hyukkie! It's irritating!!!
Hyukjae: Why?! Am I smiling at you, dork? Cool
Junsu: What did you say?? Suspect
Hyukjae: Dork!
Junsu: Jerk!
Hyukjae: Dolphin! Evil or Very Mad
Junsu: Dancing gorilla!! Evil or Very Mad

Soon the began their cat's and dog's fight...

" No Please..sto-" She mumured but stop when Siwon said..

"Don't worry..."He started.

"They'll be fine..." Yesung continued as he leaned on a wall and smirked, amused by the fight.

"After all they're best friends,.." Sungmin and Hankyung said in unison.

"So don't worry okay.." Shindong pinched her cheeks and smiled.

She smiled faintly lightly and then back out a little to give them space.

But because of her clumsiness, she tripped over a bag.

"Are you okay?" Three boys came towards her and help her stood up. It was Ryeoowook, Kyuhyun and Yoochun.

"Ne..I'm fine..Kamsamnida for helping me..." She then bowed to them.

"It's nothing...." Yoochun picked up her bag.

"Hey you the newbie Nayu am I right, Junsu hyung screamed it out so loudly...?Smile " Kyuhyun asked.

"Yeah... " She answered.

"Nice to meet you, Nayu!" Ryeowook messed her hair and hugged her from the back.

This startled her but became fine when he let go.

"YAH! Can you keep it down, I'm reading here...."A boy who was lying on a bech shouted as he held o to his book

It was the youngest of DBSK....Max Changmin...

"Reading? looks like sleeping to me.." Junsu appeared from Yoochun's back and startled everyone except Nayu and Changmin.

"Hn..." He ignored Junsu as he continue to read.

"Why you little bra-" But before Junsu could attack him, Yoochun caught Junsu and stop him.

Nayu: Okay.... Neutral

Then Changmin notice her...

They stood there and stared at each other. Changmin raised one eyebrow as if saying 'Who the heck are you?'

"Um..." As if reading his mind she introduce herself.

"Annyeongg Hassaeyo...I'm Nayu Eliot..." She bowed to him and waited his reply....


...No reply....

He just wet back to reading his book...

In short he ignored her....

She sweatdropped because of embarrassment...

Junsu: Could you be less rude? Suspect
Changmin: I'll try not to...
Junsu: WHA-
(Yoochun covered his mouth)
Yoochun: Okay I think we have enough of this craziness...

Kyuhyun: Changmin, Could you be a little nicer...
Ryeowook: after all he will be your roommate...



She was now mentally shock and felt like her world is crashing..

'Nobody told me I'm gonna be roommates with a boy?!Lee Soo Man You Are So Dead Meat when I SEE You!!!'

Then Minho came to the locker room and called everyone.

"Hey hyungs! Class is about to start....Mr. Lee Soo Man is here to.."

Junsu: Okay, Let's go Everyone!!

Everybody was leaving except for Changmin and Nayu.

"Okay this is my chance to beat up that old man, so he better be re-" She was about to leave when she was pulled back to the bench by Changmin and held her firmly on the waist.

She could feel his breath as he was near to her.

'What the Hec-'

"So....What's a GIRL like you doing here at SM High for Boys??? T_T" He whispered to her ear...

.......Oh SH.T!.............


He let go of her and Nayu stood shock as he pulled her wrist to training room....

' How did he know??!!! '

End of Chapter

Unforgettable... Tsuna
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9Unforgettable... Empty Re: Unforgettable... on Sat May 01, 2010 12:26 am


ack! he's so smart while the others are so dumb!
dang it! got founded out!

oh yeah... back to the beginning-- it was funny how first it was them and then DBSK got dragged along... hahaha


update soon!

10Unforgettable... Empty Re: Unforgettable... on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:30 am


that was it for NOW!? awww!

changminie is so smart! hahaha!

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