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Ciao~Su Radio

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1Ciao~Su Radio Empty Ciao~Su Radio on Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:13 am


Hello Everyone!! It's TaeChangKi!! Welcome To DJ Thread!! It's my first time to be a DJ so i'll do my best!! Well... blush

Just click here:

Ciao~Su Radio Th_ciaosu
And you can Listen...^^

Airtime Schedule:

June 26 (Saturday), Opening of Ciao~Su Music Station

10:00 pm ( GMT+8 ), 7:00 am ( Pacific Time )

Feel free to request a song...I'll do my best to play it^^

Oh and When requesting a song please give the full title and name of the artist...

Ciao~Su Radio Tsuna
Ciao~Su Radio Ani_nekomimisqaloCiao~Su Radio Ani_nekotakeshi

2Ciao~Su Radio Empty Re: Ciao~Su Radio on Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:10 pm


Oh cool! Any songs, right??? Hmmm... I miss this song:
(Yoshioka) YUI - Feel My Soul ****her stage name is YUI, but there's a lot of YUI's out there, so her last name is Yoshioka****

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