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I Thought You Were Gay (short story ft. Big Bang)

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Author's note: Yay! Hmm... lets see where to start! I've written a couple of stories (which are still ongoings) and had posted them onto I've decided to post this one here first because its a short story and much easier for me to do so. I hope that you guys enjoy it as much as I had fun writing it. I'm not exactly sure about the main rules for posting a story up yet, but I'm pretty sure I wont break any right now. If I do, please pm me regarding about my mistakes.

| comedy | drama |


©️ d_er-01
***Feel free to make me another poster! My skills are sucky sucky so can't expect much from me!***

The Featurings:
--- Big Bang
---Fictional Girl(s) / People

The PM List (CLOSED):
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The Chapter Index:
(sorry I do not know the codes that will work for doing these links. I will update it as soon as figure it out Surprised )
5; last chapter!

Dae Sung - Look at me gwisoon
Big Bang - La-la-la

The following is a work of fiction. The events and characters are fictional and the celebrity names/images merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life. No offence is intended towards them, their families or friends.

©️ d_er-01 2010. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of d_er-01.

copyright ©️ 2010 by Der L.
All rights reserved

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2 Prologue on Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:31 pm


"Dongseng!~" he ran as he swung his hands from side to side. "JiYong-ah!" he sang the name as he lightly shook the guy on the couch, "wake up... its your turn! Wake up" he whined with a sing-song voice.

'How girly... sheesh...'

"JiYong-ah!" he screamed as his voice scratched at the end.

'What is wrong with his voice?'

"Aish... Already?" JiYong woke up grumpily as he rubbed his eyes.
"mm.... ye..." the guy who woke JiYong up nodded in a girly way with his bottom lip stuck out.

'Yeah.... maybe he's gay.... WTF...'

"*Yawn* Aish! Hehe... I'm still tired... Seung Hyunnie-ah... you tired too?"
"Ye..." his finger tips clapped playfully.
"Wanna go up to the rooftop together?"
"Ye..." a smile lit up brightly on their lips.

'BOTH OF THEM ARE GAY?!' I pulled my hair as they bootie-bumped each other and chased each other up the stairs.



It feels weird writing this story somehow.... Haha
Hope you guys enjoy this prologue! I will be posting chapter 1 shortly! Stay tuned! Smile
oh yeah! I checked this prologue as many times as I can so that there wouldn't much errors. If there is any, please ignore it! thanks! Very Happy


hahaha! i wonder how it really feels like to work with gay people..


Hehe I know how it feels to have some gay people around..It's really O.o but its ok they are very friendly^^


Gay..? But there coool
Hahaha, Pm list?

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6 Chapter 1 on Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:22 pm


Chapter 1: Fired

"Thank you! Come again!" I smiled as the customers left. My smile vanished the second they were out the door.
'Aish... can't wait for this day to end' I sighed as I annoyingly tapped my index finger on the counter where I stood, waiting for another customer to come.

"Oh! Hahahahahaha! That?! It was so hee-lar-IOUS! Can't believe it!"
"Right?! I knew it!"
"Omo! That lane is open! Let's go! Pai li ka!"

My eyes shifted to five people that were approaching my lane.

"Hi, did you..." I paused to look at them.

Electrics eyelashes, ponytails on the sides, FLAT CHESTED (and I seriously mean it... not even a bump), short skirts... and two of them... has... some HOT A.SS BICEPS! Their legs... weren't feminine at all--- they were muscular!

"... girls find everything okay today?" I continued and faked another smile.

"Oh yes! Why thank you for asking!"
"Omo! Seungri-sii, you're so polite!"
"Oh!-- You're making me blush!"

They were giggling together as I entered their items in.

'Hm... they dress like girls.... why buy clothes so manly?'

"What's your name, miss?"
"J-Jang Soo Young" I answered shakily.
"Hi, Soo Young! I'm Tae Yang!"
"Nice to meet you"
"Yeah... $5,600, please" I look at them as 'TaeYang' took out a pink wallet. He-she then set it aside when he-she gave me the exact amount.
"Come again" I said as I gave them their receipt.

'Ugh... Finally...' I sighed to myself as they walked out the door and disappeared. I decided to lay back and relax, until something caught my eyes.
'That... pink... wallet...'

"SH.IT" I hissed as I grabbed the wallet and ran out the store looking for them.

"TaeYang-ssi!" I yelled as I spotted them going down the escalator. "Ya!" I followed them as fast as I could, but I was just too slow; I lost track of them.

I returned to my work place with my head down low. Without a doubt, I knew my boss was going lecture me even if I told her that I was chasing a customer because they left their belongings behind (fail or not, still going to hear her blah blahs...--- that's how lame my boss is). She's always so organized that if someone was missing, or if something was wrong, she'll definitely know for sure, so what you can expect from her is plain STU.PID stuffs.

To prove this fact, here are some proofs:


- Kim So Li
--> Got punished because she ran after a theft; she had to stay overtime and clean up the whole store.

- Oh Chin Mie
--> Laid off because she was caught still eating three minutes after her lunch break was over.

- Choi Tae
--> Fired because he got in a car accident and called in late (like-- DUH... he called in late because he go into a CAR ACCIDENT!--- but still got fired for no damn reason <_<)


-Lee Eun Kie
--> Salary got cut because she was caught admiring clothes while on her shift

-Hang Kimmie
--> Was reported to the police because he was caught checking out a girl's as.s on a poster.


-Song Mina
--> Got punished after being caught in the bathroom fixing her make up when she was suppose to be cleaning (and yes, she's the janitor)--------------------- and that happened yesterday too.

So who's next? ME -- DUH~. I'm really scared of getting fired though.... This is my only job and I have to pay bills monthly! What will I do if I get fired???!!!
SH.IT.... God better love me and help me because I'm not dead yet!

"Ya! Jang Soo Young!" she stomped up to me with her hands on her hips.
"What did I tell you?"
"Never leave my station if someone isn't here to replace me. Even if someone does replace me, I do not have the right to disappear like this."
"Good. Now.. your punishment--- when the store closes, you organize EVERYTHING!"
"But-- I have a GOOD reason!" I tried to fight back because she never listens to anyone--- Gee, what a record I am going to set.
"I was trying to find the owner" I raised up the wallet.
"And you didn't find the owner?"
"What a waste of time..." she scoffed, "Jang Soo Young, you're FIRED"

Aww... HELLS NO! FU.CK! What do I do now???!!!! Dang!
I'm going to kill myself tonight...

-Song Mina
--> Got punished after being caught in the bathroom fixing her make up when she was suppose to be cleaning (and yes, she's the janitor)--------------------- and that happened yesterday too.

-Jang Soo Young
--> Got fired for telling the truth to the boss------ TODAY. YAY.... new record....

There you go! Enjoy! Smile

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i still can't believe that she got fired just because of that


Okay I that boss is really annoying Evil or Very Mad ...If their were a boss like that in reality I could really beaten her/him up...hahaha kiddding.. Laughing


Gaaay reason to get fired -_-
Andddd, that bosssss is reaally mean.

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that was hilarious! Hahaha! still hate the boss!
PM list me three! <3


Chapter 2: Working with GAY

....Flip..... flip....... flip....... end...........

"Dang it!" I angrily hit the table I was sitting at. I tried looking for a job for about two hours now, but all of them don't have any space open now.

Ring Ring Ring

“Yes, Soo Mi?” here goes my “best” friend, Yang Soo Mi.
“Soo Young-ah!” she screamed out my name loud enough for a whole entire hospital to hear.
“Nae?” I put the phone away from my ears.
“Yeah… you better be sorry”
“Soo Young, quit that attitude”
“Yeah yeah, whatever”
“I heard you got fired! What happened?”
“Well…. If it wasn’t for a customer’s wallet, then my stupid boss wouldn’t have fired me… or you can say, if it wasn’t for my smart mouth, trying to convince her, then I wouldn’t have been fired”
“Oh… that’s sad to hear. But hey! I got great news for you!”
“I can get you a job that pays even higher than that lame job you have! And its easy work!”
“Really?! What is it?” I straightened up my back as she told me the description of the new work she had founded for me.
“So… basically… all you need to do is look after this team of five girls! That’s all! No hard work!”
“That’s it?!”
“Put it on, baby!”

* * *

So here I am… at the workplace Soo Mi told me to be at by 7:30 am. I sat here for about ten or fifteen minutes already, waiting for Soo Mi to call me up.

“Miss, are you Jang Soo Young?”
“Please follow me into the introductory room, please”
“Okay…?” I stood up and followed her into a room where ten girls were presented on stage where a background was being fixed.
I took another good look at the ten girls before sitting down.

‘Hm… they look awfully familiar’ I thought as the girl from before signaled me to sit down while they get my job organized for me. Tired from waiting and staring around, I took a look at the handbook they gave to me earlier when I came.

---Two Hours Later---

“Jang Soo Young! Joesonghamnida! I was busy running and errand for my other boss! Hope you didn’t wait long!” Soo Mi came running along just before I went deep into sleep.
“If you don’t consider three hours in total long, then I just got here. But if you consider it long, then well, miss, you just made my day more worse!” I shouted at Soo Mi angrily for making me wait.
“Okay, okay! Sheesh… Hmm… so.. Let’s see…. Your assigned team is Big Bang. The one at the right corner over there. Make sure you report to there as soon as you hear the announcement, araso?”
“That’s it? I don’t get interviewed or anything?”
“No, idiot. I said I filled you in already”
“You did?”
“Oh, my bad…”
“Okay. So get your butt ready because break is going to be over in about twenty minutes”
“That’s a long time”
“No, its not. Wait until you see what MY job is really like”
“Okay… haha… You owe me supper!”
“Yeah!” Soo Mi waved back as she disappeared into the other room.

Phew! So here comes my work!

I gave a big long stretch before bending down and grabbing my stuffs. Too bad, I didn’t avert my eyes away from the scene across from me because after that, my whole world became twisted. And because it became twisted, I thought I was losing my mind.

“Dongseng!~” a girl-ish looking guy ran to the area across from me as he swung his hands from side to side. “JiYong-ah!” he sang the name as he lightly shook the guy on the couch, “wake up… it’s your turn, dear! Wake up!” he whined with a sing song voice.

‘How girly, sheesh’

“JiYong-ah!” he screamed as his voice scratched at the end of his rough voice.

‘What is wrong with his voice?… Seriously…’

“Aish… Already?” JiYong woke up grumpily as he rubbed his eyes.
“Mm… Ye…” the guy who woke JiYong up nodded in a girly way with his bottom lip stuck out.

‘Yeah… maybe he’s gay… WTF…’

“**Yawn** Aish! Hehe… I’m still tired… Seung Hyunnie-ah… are you tired too?”
“Ye…” his finger tips clapped playfully.
“Wanna go up to the rooftop together? And then come back later?”
“Yes!” a bright smile lit up on their lips.

'BOTH OF THEM ARE GAY?!' I pulled my hair as they bootie-bumped each other and chased each other up the stairs.
‘I THINK I’M GOING HAVE A HEART ATTACK!' I put a hand on my chest to feel my heart beat racing.

“Omo… aren’t you the girl at the mall the other day?” a familiar voice interrupted my thoughts.
I quickly stared at the person.

“YOU!” I pointed at him.
“Yeah! It is you! Aren’t you Jang Soo Young?” TaeYang swapped his hands back and forth in front of my face.
“Uh.. Yeah…” I scooted my face away from his swings before he hit me.

“Oh! What brings you here?” the other same guy with the hot biceps stepped up to where TaeYang was and titled his/her head at me.
“I’m working here today”
“Oh, right! Oh yes! My name is Kang Dae Sung. Call me Dae Sung-iee. Okie?” he/she put a hand out for me to shake.
I hesitated before giving in.
“Yeah… right… I’m Jang Soo Young”

“And I am the cute maknae, Seungri!” the guy/girl behind in the back came into the front, blocking both TaeYang and DaeSung----iee….
“Hi… Seungri…”

“No, no, no!” he/she shook his/her head, “its ‘Unnie’ for you” he/she then nodded.
“Right… Unnie….”
Dang it…. It feels weird like this…

“So who are you working for?” DaeSung--iee asked.
“Big Bang”

“Oh MY! That’s us!” Tae Yang’s voice transformed into a girl.


“Where’s the other two?”
“Oh! Weren’t you looking at them earlier? They went to the rooftop! Wanna go up there too?” Seungri… or the person who told me to call him/her “Unnie” asked, nodding his/her head non-stop.

Before I can say anything else, they all grabbed my hand and pulled me. I ran, following them to the rooftop.

“I’m okay! You guys c---”
“Nope! You have to come with us!”

Too late. They opened the door to the rooftop and pushed me outside.


“Omo… Who are you?” JiYong, the guy who woke up earlier, turned around to look at me.

“JiYong-ieeee!!!!! Seung Hyunn-ieee! Eeek! I missed you two so much--ie!” the three of them ran towards the two and hugged them like they’ve been apart for forever.

What I didn’t know that would come haunt me down was when they were about to have their “love” moment.

I stood there, watching them having fun. My eyes wouldn’t move to another view. They were just…..

“THIS IS TOO FAKE TO BE REAL!” I pulled my hair and closed my eyes to cry.

“Wae, wae, WAE?!”

“Of course we’re GAY”


I seriously think this story is gay.... haha...... but enjoy though!
comment Smile


Chapter 3: Oh-M-Gee

“Of course we’re GAY” they all said in unison with their hands on their hip.
I froze there. My mouth dropped into a shape of “O”.
Why? Why did I even take on this job? -- Because I was too desperate.

“Dang it” I whispered under my breath.

“Wait--- Noona! What do you guys mean? We’re not GAY! We’re just feminine!” so-called my “Unnie” turned around to face the others and pouted.
“--And, gay” the rest nodded as Seung Hyunn-ieee added.

“Uh…I think it’s time…” I turned around and walked into the halls again.

Just kill me, please… Kill me now….
That Soo Mi could’ve told me what exactly the “she” is. This is too fake to be real. I can’t accept this. I cannot! Absolutely not! I said, NOT!
If I do… then that means…. I’M ATTRACTED TO GAY PEOPLE!

No, no, no, no, no Jang Soo Young! Never ever! You must not think like this! Concentrate… Phew…----


“Soo Young! Look up!”

Whao… now… whose manly voice is that? Sexy and spic-------

“ACK!” I accidentally hit the wall that was supposed to lead my way to turn. I took a couple of steps back but too bad I have no luck to start with, so I fell backwards.

“Soo Young!” five voices screamed my name as I was about to give in and enter hell.

‘Just fall and die…’ I thought until I felt a pair of hands grab hold onto me; one on my shoulder and the other on my waist.
I looked at that person with big rounded eyes.

‘So handsome… his skin is so smooth… so shiny….’

“Seung Hyun…”
“Oops! Its Seung Hyunn-ieee” he let me go even before lift me up so that I can stand on my feet.

It was like a slow-motion moment in movies… then ruined by something. It was exactly just like that. And so… he killed the moment by dropping me onto the ground.
Why didn’t he just let me fall then? It’s the same thing as falling before.

I sat up, rubbing my head,

“Ya!” I shot Seung HyunN-IEEE a death glare.
“Ye?” he made bubbles inside his mouth while answering me.
“YOU--! Ugh… whatever!” I decided to shut up and just keep on walking to the room before the announcement went on.

“Omo…. Soo Young, are you okay?” Tae Yang and Dae Sung came to comfort me.
“Yeah… don’t worry… I won’t die easily…” I rolled my eyes at them, not wanting them to comfort me because I SWEAR it feels different and weird.

“Seung Hyunn-ieee-ah.. Why’d you do that for?” JiYong-ieee asked as he/she tried fixing his/her dress.
“Oh…. She called me Seung Hyun!” Seung HyunN-IEEE began to sob.

I swear… my life changed after meeting these people (even though its been only a couple of hours).

“Seung Hyunn-ieee! Don’t cry! We’re still here for you!” Tae Yang and Dae Sung left me and ran to him/her as “Unnie”/Seungri-iee and JiYong-ieee hugged him/her with love.

‘Does it hurt that bad just to call him/her that name without the N-IEEE or -IEEE??? I guess I should address them like that now…
I gave a loud sigh and walked off, ignoring them.

* * *

“Good, good… Good job, girls… Hmm… Tae Yang-iee… put your leg more out towards Seungri-iee… and JiYong-iee… you put your arm over Dae Sung-iee while you,” the photographer pointed at Seung Hyunn-ieee, “Seung Hyunn-iee… you lay right there between them and pose a sexy one. Arachi?”

“Ara! Heehee” he laughed.

I sat there watching them as the horror haunt me down. I was so devastated that the “GAY” thing occupied my mind most of the time. Between moments where I would come back to reality, I would sigh loudly, causing everyone to stare at me.

I just can’t wait to go home and get everything off my mind…

* * *

“Soo Young-ah!” Soo Mi ran over to me.
“Let’s go! I treat you today since I owe you A LOT. Okay?”
“Sure! That’ll end my day!”
“Having a rough time?”
“Hells yes! You nev----”
“Omo! Its Big Bang! Ey! Big Bang!” Soo Mi waved at them to come to where we were.


“Shut up, Soo Mi! Lets go! No---”
“Ya, Soo Young! I’m inviting them with us!”
“Then I’m not going!”
“Nope. You ARE” Soo Mi pulled my shirt back when I tried to run away.

“Ah.. Soo Mi-ssi? Soo Young-ssi?” JiYong-iee put his hands together as a smile lit up brightly on his/her face.
“JiYong-ieee! Lets go to supper together! My treat!” Soo Mi jumped up happily.

I don’t get this. Why is Soo Mi so happy to be eating with these…. HANDSOME GIRLS?

* * *
*At a restaurant (of your choice)*

“Hm… We, Big Bang, shall have… one large plate of sushi and sweet and spicy chicken meat… please” JiYong-ieee handed back the menu book to the waiter.
“Okay. What about you two?”
“I’ll take a plate of spicy chicken feet” Soo Mi ordered.
“I’ll take a coconut shake with cream on top and a plate of spring rolls, sashimi, and uh…. Hmm… BBQ-ed ribs” I smiled in delight.
“Okay. Drinks for the rest of you?”
“Just water, please” Soo Mi nodded.

“You eat a lot for a girl your size” ‘Unnie’/Seungri-iee commented.
“You eat a little for your size too” I faked a smile.
“Thank you”
“You’re welcome”

“We’ll be back, okay?” JiYong-ieee, Seung Hyunn-ieee, and Tae Yang-iee excused themselves to the bathroom.
“Yeah, sure” Soo Mi answered as I rolled my eyes and looked out the window.

While we were waiting, I had a phone call, so I stood up and went into the halls that lead to the bathroom.

“Soo Young?”
“Is Seung Hyunn-ieee there? I can’t reach him right now”
“Ah, ye… but Seung Hyunn-ieee is still in the bathroom”
“Can you go get her for me?”


“Uh… hold up…”

I walked further into the hall and stopped as I heard some voices… familiar voices.

“Dude… what are we going to do?”
“I don’t know”

“Ey… I don’t think they will recognize us though, right? I mean-- we changed… have we?”
“Yeah… but… We still have the same facial looks…”

“Guys… let’s just try it out okay? If the girls come to us, then we’ll just see what fate have, okay?”


Without knowing, I found myself eavesdropping and totally forgot that my phone was still on. I was surprised and shocked when I found myself trapped. I shouldn’t have listened to this conversation… or should I have? My world became confused. I wasn’t sure I was dreaming or not. Everything got mixed up and I just couldn’t find my way out.


stay tuned!

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Chapter 4: Caught

“What are you doing here?”

“Ahaha…” I laughed in fright, “Seung Hyunn-nieee, JiYong-ieee, and… Tae Yang-iee…”
“What did you hear?” Seung Hyunn-nieee asked as they moved in closer to me, as if they were going to do something to a girl at the bar or something.
“I heard that you’re pretty hot. Haha…” I felt sweat beads formed on my head as they looked closer at me face.

“You’re obviously bluffing” JiYong-ieee said.
“No I’m not” my jaw shook.

“C’mon… tell us what you heard. We don’t bite” Tae Yang threw his hand towards the wall next to me.
“I-I.. I came here to give you guys a phone call!” I put the phone into their faces as I closed my eyes tightly.

‘How come they’re like this now? Mood swings? Cross dressers? Two sided bodies? Waah! Help me! I feel so out of the world! Why is this happening when I found myself attracted to gay people?!’

I cried inside as I felt my heart pace up.

“You’re cute doing that!” JiYong-ieee and Tae Yang-iee pinched my cheeks as Seung Hyunn-nieee hit my forehead like in those stupid commercials, “Could’ve have a V-8!”

‘What. The. Hell. Was. That.?.!.’ I thought as I stared at them confused.

Okay… a moment ago… they had a serious talk--- a manly one. The moment they caught me, they cornered me and I got all scared. Now, their voices are back to high-pitched ones. What are they really?!

“Thanks” Seung Hyunn-nieee grabbed my cell as I grabbed onto it tightly, “Isn’t it for us?”
“Oh.. Haha… its for you. Yeah…” I quickly let go of my cell and ran back. Before exiting the halls, I turned back to warn them, “If you break it, you’re going to die!”
“Okay! I’ll be sure break it!”
“Whatever!” I stuck my tongue out at them and ran off as I felt my heart raged in fire once more.

* * *

“Soo Young-ah… why aren’t you eating?” Soo Mi shook me as I found myself dumbfounded staring at my plate of foods.
“E-eh? Bian…” I looked up at the other rests and found them slightly laughing at me when I know that they truly wanted to burst out laughing at my
I made a face an ugly face at them, causing them to stop laughing and continue eating.

‘Ha! I will discover out all your secrets, BIG BANG’ I thought evilly as I looked at each one of them.

* * *

I went to work yawning loudly. As I walked passed by some people, I noticed their strange look at me.

“What? Is there something wrong with me?” I asked as I passed by Soo Mi, who did the same thing.
“Uh, yeah~” her eyes traveled down my body.
“Huh?--” I looked down and looked up at Soo Mi quickly, “Do you have extra clothes with you?!” I shook her shoulders.

I was wearing a large-sized man’s tuxedo, and that made me look…. Awesomely strange for a girl like me. Since it was baggy, it was the worst part ever; the back part of my butt looked like I had a stick stuck in there--- goes for the front part too.

“UGH!” I pulled my hair in stress.

‘Have I gone mad because I found out that I’m attracted to gay people?! URGH!’ I stomped to where my work place was and sat down quickly when I saw Big Bang coming towards my way.

“Soo Young-ah! I like your outfit today! Haha” Tae Yang-iee made fun of me, obviously, as the other smiled at me.
I shot them a death glare, “Ha-ha. That was funny, alright. Wait until I come up with a come-back to haunt you Big Bang down”

“Sure! We’ll wait for that day to come! Haha!” Dae Sung-iee clapped.

“Omo! All you girls are so cute! Eeekk!” ‘Unnie’/Seungri-iee jumped in excitement.

“Ey! Let’s go up the rooftop again!” suggested Seung Hyun.
“MM!” they all agreed.

“So long” I rolled my eyes at them.

*10 minutes later*

“Ya! Soo Young! Do you know where the girls went?” the photographer asked.
“I’ll go get them”

I ran to the rooftop but they weren’t up there.

“Where could they be then?” I asked myself as I walked towards the girls bathroom, “Nope.. Not in here… could it be…?”


“She knows?”
‘that sounded like Dae Sung’s and Seungri’s manly voices…’

“Probably… well she looks pretty slow.. I don’t think she knows yet though…”
‘that’s definitely Seung Hyun…’

“We need to make sure that she doesn’t though…”
‘and that’s JiYong’s’

“Yeah. Hyung is right. We don’t want those other fan girls to be running us down like last time, right?”
‘Tae Yang… definitely them…’

“Yes… Any back up plans though?”
“Hmm…. I’ll try to look up some of her information now and see what I can do to blackmail her if she threatens us. Okay?”
“But why would she threaten us?”
“Haven’t you seen her death glares? It’s as scary as hell”
‘Omo… that Seung Hyun is really going to see it!’ I thought as I listened quietly.

“But wasn’t you first impressions were that she was cute, hyung?” JiYong laughed.
“Hey, hey. Those were impressions… now is now. Don’t bring those two together”

“Ey.. I think it’s time for our photo shoots. Let’s go” Tae yang reminded.

I quickly and quietly closed the door and ran back to the room down stair.

“Did you find them?”
“They weren’t at the location they told me they were at… so I couldn’t find them” I lied.
“Omo…. They need some scolding! We’re late! Late!” she combed her hair back with her hands.
“Omo! Big Bang! Pai li!” I pointed to them when they were coming down.

“Ya! Where have you guys been?!” she quickly walks up to them with a pointed-out finger.
“Bathroom” they answered in unison.

‘Well at least they were talking the truth…’ I thought.

“Aish! Let’s begin your sessions!”

I sat behind, watching them posing for photo shoots.

‘Crazy fan girls? Their weaknesses? Hm… hahaha… I’m getting you guys back for lying to me… Muahahahahahahaha…’

* * *

“Okay… so basically, your next schedule is trying to get some fans. Okay? Are you guys ready?” I smiled broadly at them as they rolled their eyes at me and nodded. “Whatever… let’s get going!”
“Where are we going?” Seungri-iee slapped my hands off when I grabbed him/her.
“Ya! --- Joesonghamnida. We’re going to the mall” I rolled my eyes at them once more and walked off with them trailing behind me.

* * *

“Girls! Go changed in there! Here is your private changing area. So we get this all to ourselves. Take your clothes off and switch into these so that it’ll be more comfortable changing” I handed them a large size thin towel.


“I’ll be throwing clothes at you guys to try on, okay?”

‘Muahahahahahaha….’ I thought as I closed the door and walked to the clothes area.

“Throw your clothes out when you’re done!” I informed as I watched clothes flying in the air and landing right in front of me.

‘How the hell do they get the muscles to throw things that far?!’ I gasped. ‘Sheesh…’

When I counted all of their clothes, I grabbed the boxes filled with clothes inside and threw it over the walls to the other side where they were.

“We put these on?”
“Yea!” I yelled as I packed in their girl clothes and ran out quietly.

‘Heehee… Girls will be flying at them when they come out to haunt me!’ I giggled stupidly at myself.

*No One’s POV of Big Bang’s scene*

“Ey… how are you supposed to open this?” JiYong asked.
“Man, I don’t care… all I care right now is that this that I wearing right now just keeps on falling. Dang” Seung Hyun complained, “You know wha--------” *GASPS*

“What happened, Hyung?” DaeSung, Seungri, and TaeYang all asked in unison as all of their gazes flew over to Seung Hyun.

“That b!tch tricked us!” Seung Hyun dropped the manly clothes and cursed under his breath.

“WHAT?!” they all smashed open their boxes to find a white shirt that has the printed name “BIG BANG” on and a loose faded black jean.

“Man! Let’s just wear this thing out!” Seung Hyun tied the rope on harder so that it would stay. But too bad, SooYoung knew better than this.
The strap broke and the towel fell.

“Sh!t, this is no use! UGH! We’re gonna be running after her. Guys, lets just get this on and try to avoid fan girls, okay?!” JiYong and Seung Hyun quickly grabbed their clothes and put them on as the other followed.

* * *

“Hey, TaeYang, hide your face a little bit… you’re the one with the hot biceps and abs that every girl wants to touch… so you better watch out” JiYong warned.
“But I thought Seungri is the cute maknae?”
“Whatever… they all want us all! Especially, YOU, DaeSung… who have the MOST fan girls of all” JiYong shot them a stare.

“Ara, ara” DaeSung, TaeYang, and Seungri answered.

“Now… if you see her, tell me… I’m going to rip her into pieces” Seung Hyun growled.

“LOOK! IT’S SOOYOUNG!” Seungri stupidly shouted, forgetting that they were under cover.

“Stupid Seungri!” Everyon scolded as they made their run after SooYoung.


The crowd cheered as they tried to grab the guys.

“Sh!t!!!! Help me! Aah!” TaeYang was pulled back by one of the fan girls.
“Hyung!” Seungri tried to grab TaeYang and drag him away from the crazy fan girls, but failed. He was dragged by another fan girl.

“HYUNG!” they both screamed with fear filtering their voice.

“TaeYang! Seungri!” DaeSung shouted with a frown on his face. Right before a fan came rushing towards him, he turned around and ran away-- forgetting about TaeYang and Seungri.

“HYUNG! HYUNG!” they cried.

* * *

“Ya! SooYoung! You stop right there! Stop!” Seung Hyun wavered tiredly.
“Hyung! We can make it!” JiYong try to cheer them both up.

*Back to SooYoung’s POV*

“Oh my gosh… I’m running out of breath! My legs are aching! Damn those guys! Why do they run so fast?!” I hissed to myself as I huffed and puffed.

“Stop right there!” Seung Hyun yelled at me.


‘Oh! I got a GREAT idea!’ I thought as I cheerfully ran with more power.

“BIG BANG COMING! COME AND SEE BIG BANG! THE REAL BIG BANG!” I shouted as we passed the stores in the mall, causing all of the girl’s attention.

The girls ran and circled JiYong and Seung Hyun as I made a turn. I rested there to catch my breath. When I finished, I turned around to exit the mall, but what came next was unexpected.

“Where are YOU going?”

‘That voice…SH!T…’

“Ahaha” I laughed and turned around to face Seung Hyun, “Where’s JiYong Oppa?”
“Oh… now its ‘Oppa’?”
“Hehe… Seung Hyun Oppa” I said as I felt sweat beads forming on my head.

His face looked like it softened a bit when I called him that, but I was wrong, he got meaner.

“DON’T CALL ME THAT” he said bluntly.
“Shut up-- now tell me… why’d you do this?”
“What do you mean WHY? Why did you guys act GAY?”


One more chapter after this then this story is finished! yay!
Comment! Smile


“What do you mean WHY? Why did you guys act GAY?”

That keeps repeating in my mind!!! Omo can't wait for another update!!



where's chapter 5!!?


Author's Note: This is the end of this story, guys! I'm sad that it ended so GAY, but hey... it's not my fault for being such a crappy writer here who doesnt really know how to end a story yet because most of my one-shots, they mostly died. Haha. But I hope that you guys enjoy this chapter. I also want to thank those who have supported me throughout this whole short story. And last but not least, I hoped that you guys enjoyed reading this story!


Chapter 5: Truth lead to Ending

“Why did you guys acted GAY?”
“Uhh…. Huh?” Seung Hyun’s face was filled with confusions. I swore I saw some question marks flicking on and off as if they were light bulbs around his head.
“Last time, I asked if you guys were gay… and you guys said that you guys were…” I stared at him.
“Of course we’re gay…”
“You never said which type of gay, so we thought you meant the gay as is happy”
“What the hell. You guys said ‘feminine’ too! And the question is why were you guys ACTING gay!” I asked, being irritated.
“Oh… well----”

“HYUNG! LET’S GET GOING! THE CAR’S DOWN THERE!” the other rests came running, huffing and puffing, trying to catch their breath.

‘I thought TaeYang and Seungri were with the crazy fans?’

“I’ll answer you later. For now, you’re being punish, missy” Seung Hyun dragged me and ran down the hall and opened the emergency exit door.

“Ack! My phone!” I turned back to get my phone but Seung Hyun pulled me, “Ya! My phone dropped!”
“You! Just buy another one later” Seung Hyun pushed me out the door.
“I don’t have money!” I ran back inside but his muscular hands whisked my body into his hands and quickly ran down the stairs.
“Ah! Let go!”
“Do you want to break your neck? Stay still”

“HYUNG! FASTER!” Seungri yelled as he slowed down.
“I AM! I AM! BUT MISSY HERE DON’T HAVE ANY LEGS TO RUN!” Seung Hyun made fun of me.

‘Psh… whatever…’ I rolled my eyes.

“Hold onto me tight” he said.
“I’m jumping DOWN!”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed, closing my eyes tightly and holding onto his neck. I buried my head into his chest.

“OOF!” Seung Hyun landed perfectly onto his feet and started running again.

“Are you crazy?!”
“Hey, hey. Shut up” he told me as I did.

“Sir” a guy in a black suit opened the door for us to get in.

Seung Hyun threw me inside and scooted in as the others came rushing in.

“Go, go, go, go!” JiYong rushed the chauffeur as Seungri closed the door locked.

* * *

“My phone…” I cried as I walked into Big Bang’s private room.

“Shut up, will you? Go buy a new one”
“I said I don’t have MONEY!” I yelled angrily as Seung Hyun as the others looked at me pissed.

“You deserved that,” DaeSung threw his words at me.
“Yeah, Noona, you deserved that” Seungri agreed.
“You know you didn’t have to do that” TaeYang added.

What are they doing?! Attacking me like that?! They started first!

“Oh well…. We’ll let Seung Hyun torture you. See ya!” JiYong turned around and walked out as the others agreed and followed.

“What?” I scratched my head and looked at Seung Hyun sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed.

‘Waahhh…. His skin is so smooth…. Good thing he isn’t gay for reals…’ I thought.

---Five Minute Later---

My legs were hurting standing up just watching him sleep, so I sat down on the other end of the sofa.

---Whatever happened next was unexpected.---

Seung Hyun quickly stood in front of me with his face near mine’s-- close enough for me to lean in and kiss him--- BUT no, I am NOT… even though he looks so kissable.

“Uh…” I couldn’t help it so that was the only thing that came out of my mouth.
“Shh…” he looked straight into my eyes, “Did you hear that?”
“Hear… what?” I looked around the room.
“They said that this room was rebuilt because someone died in here decades ago” he whispered.
“…” I looked at him then the ceilings as chills ran up my skin.

“BOO” he screamed in my face.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I cried.

“Ahahahahaha!” he laughed at me as he stood up.

“You b--------”


My eyes widened as if I’m seeing a ghost.

Right before I screamed out the word, Seung Hyun quickly leaned in and laid his soft lips onto mine’s. He parted his lips from mine’s and looked at me.

“Sorry… I hate acting gay for such a long time. I just felt like I had to do that” he sat back down next to me.
“You and I both know that you love it and that you have a feeling of such for me” he grinned at me.
“You’re such a h0e”
“I mean it”

I seriously didn’t mean it. Actually… it felt good when he kissed me. It was just unexpected. Haha… how stupid can I be?

“Whatever… okay… so now… you wanted to know why, right?”
“Just tell me” I said as I wiped my mouth with my sleeves (but I didn’t want to).
“We acted as gay people because that was the only way not to get attacked by girls. About three years back, we all were almost raped by some girls”
“Sheesh… I never knew you guys used to be so weak”
“Hey HEY… we thought they were good people, okay? Plus, they aren’t like you, they’re… Buff.. Muscular… Ugly girls. They weren’t fans, they were more like… anti-fans… they were on a mission to you-know-what to their least favorite groups. And so they kidnapped us and almost raped us until boss came running in with a gun in his hand. Ever since that day, we got scared of girls and decided to act gay”
“Are you guys still afraid of girls?”
“Not me. Not JiYong. Not sure of the rest. If they don’t freak out by you touching them, then I guess they got over it”
“What would you do if I told you a secret?”

He leaned in and….

I froze when he left out the door. Then a smile slowly lit up on my face.

*Seung Hyun’s POV*

“What would you do if I told you a secret?”
“…” I leaned to her ear and whispered something into her ear, “You like me? I love you”
After saying that, I stood up and walked out the room. As I hear the door clicked behind me, I screamed in my head, “YES! I’M NOT GAY!”

“Hyung what happened? Did you punish her?”
“Hey, hey… don’t think that way. Think the positive way” I pushed Seungri and TaeYang back.
“What way? We thought you were going to kiss her”
“Oh… that… haha…. It’s my secret”

“HYUNG! Tell us!” all of them started to plead.
“Nope… not until you guys tell me your’s” I looked back.

*SooYoung’s POV*

“AAAAHHHH!” I pulled my hair as my legs kicked everywhere. I felt tears of joy running down my face.

This is not so bad after all, is it?

Given a chance? Take it. Like it or not? Too bad. --- SooHyun-nieee



Send me love! Hahaha....
Oh yeah! if you guys are wondering who's SooHyun-nieee, it's actually SooYoung and Seung Hyun's name added together.
SooYoung+Seung Hyun=SooHyun-nieee
(&& plus the -ieee part too)


WAH!!! THAT WAS SO Embarassed and funny!!
“Hey HEY… we thought they were good people, okay? Plus, they aren’t like you, they’re… Buff.. Muscular… Ugly girls. They weren’t fans, they were more like… anti-fans… they were on a mission to you-know-what to their least favorite groups. And so they kidnapped us and almost raped us until boss came running in with a gun in his hand. Ever since that day, we got scared of girls and decided to act gay”

If I were them I woulddo it to...scary..pale

I love this story so much!!

Is there a part two?!!

Thanks for the pm^^



~TaeChangKi~ wrote:WAH!!! THAT WAS SO Embarassed and funny!!

If I were them I woulddo it to...scary..pale

I love this story so much!!

Is there a part two?!!

Thanks for the pm^^

yep ^.^
No there's not a second part. Haha. Sorry Sad


yeah..... i'm still happy that Top's not gay!


d_er-01 wrote:
~TaeChangKi~ wrote:WAH!!! THAT WAS SO Embarassed and funny!!

If I were them I woulddo it to...scary..pale

I love this story so much!!

Is there a part two?!!

Thanks for the pm^^

yep ^.^
No there's not a second part. Haha. Sorry Sad

aw it's ok^^ at least Big Bang is not gay...
I would totally freak out seeing Taeyang wearing a skirt or a dress...O.o affraid



~TaeChangKi~ wrote:
d_er-01 wrote:
~TaeChangKi~ wrote:WAH!!! THAT WAS SO Embarassed and funny!!

If I were them I woulddo it to...scary..pale

I love this story so much!!

Is there a part two?!!

Thanks for the pm^^

yep ^.^
No there's not a second part. Haha. Sorry Sad

aw it's ok^^ at least Big Bang is not gay...
I would totally freak out seeing Taeyang wearing a skirt or a dress...O.o affraid

haha true! especially when it comes to TOP... who doesnt match a girl's style. haha! Have you seen TOP's cross dressing in "I Am Sam"??? maybe not. hhaha... its funny though.


d_er-01 wrote:
~TaeChangKi~ wrote:
d_er-01 wrote:
~TaeChangKi~ wrote:WAH!!! THAT WAS SO Embarassed and funny!!

If I were them I woulddo it to...scary..pale

I love this story so much!!

Is there a part two?!!

Thanks for the pm^^

yep ^.^
No there's not a second part. Haha. Sorry Sad

aw it's ok^^ at least Big Bang is not gay...
I would totally freak out seeing Taeyang wearing a skirt or a dress...O.o affraid

haha true! especially when it comes to TOP... who doesnt match a girl's style. haha! Have you seen TOP's cross dressing in "I Am Sam"??? maybe not. hhaha... its funny though.

OMIGOSH!!!! TOP wore a dress??? affraid


...just kidding^^

I would love to see that..I think^^
I can still remember when my friend and I saw Jiyong wearing a dress...

My friend said..."It suits him to be a girl"... lol!



waah! sorry for the late reply! i had some net difficulties! and i hate my net!
anyways-- they're not gay! yay! hahaha
I was so happy but sad at the same time-- this story was short! I wanted more!
but I guess what's done is done. right? haha
I LOVE this story--- especially the humors...
teehee Xp



“Ya! Yang Soo Mi!” I danced towards her happily. “What’s wrong?” I asked as I saw her head down low.
“SooYoung-ah…” she looked at me with tears filtering her eyes, “I never knew I would end up like this…” she deeply sighed.
“What? End up like what?”
“I… I…. I… I… I’m a lesbian…”
“WHAT?!” I jumped up and looked at her.
“You heard me…”
“Why do you think that?” I put my hands on my waist and tilted my head at her.
“Well… I fell… I fell in love with one of those “GIRLS”…” she quoted the word.
“Huh? Don’t you mean… “wanna-be gay guys”?”
“Wanna-be? Where the hell did you get that?-- Do you even know what I’m trying to say?” Soo Mi pouted at me.
“Uh… pretty much--nope” I smiled broadly at her as I noticed how she was losing her temper at me. Yeah… I like getting her pissed… but I don’t like her getting me pissed. LOL… hahaha.
“In other words, I LIKE GAY GUYS”
“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I nodded as I finally understood her.
“Hey! Don’t worry! They’re just fakes! You see… I first thought that my group was GAY GAY, but I then found out that they were just playing GAY so that anti-fan girls wouldn’t hunt them or anything. So don’t worry too much because you’re perfectly fine” I patted her head.
“Really… yeah… Let’s go somewhere.. I’m hungry…”
“Yep! I’ll treat!” Soo Mi jumped up happily… Ahh.. She should thank me for being her friend.

“Pabo!” Seung Hyun came running towards me and threw his hands around my neck.
“What?” I turned to him and smiled.
“Where are you guys going? Can I com----”

“Seung Hyun! Ya! How come you guys didn’t tell me that all of you guys were just playing?!” Soo Mi threw a fist at Seung Hyun.
“My group… and her group-- you guys--- weren’t really gay!”
“Oh… that…”
“You guys are a bunch of liars! Anyways… what’s up with you two?”
“Okay… SooYoung haven’t told you yet? We’re dating! Haha” he stopped to clap his hands, “and… about that matter… Big Bang isn’t really GAY… but just to tell you the truth… YOUR group is really GAY--- gay as in guys liking guys…”

“WHAT?!” Soo Mi and I both screamed in unison and in shock.

“Uh… I just lost my appetite…” I grabbed Seung Hyun’s hand and walked away from Soo Mi before her bomb detonates and we all die there with her.

“WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE ME?! SOOYOUNG! YOU LIAR!” she roared down the hall.

“What happened?” Seung Hyun looked at me.
“Let’s just say… she replaced my old self…”
“She likes someone in there?”
“But… But… JiYong likes her…” Seung Hyun’s mouth dropped as mine’s did the same.
“You’ve got to be kidding me…”


ahahahahha! how funny.
“But… But… JiYong likes her…”

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