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Stuck In The Middle (FT. Big Bang,2pm, and Various artists. Fictional girl.)

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Stuck In The Middle
"Who Should I Choose?"

A/N:This is my first fanfic! I'm a nice person. Please comment. And ignore some mistakes I didn't see! This is my first
time posting my fic on this site, so I might not know how to work some things. Please bare with me.

Stuck In The Middle (FT. Big Bang,2pm, and Various artists. Fictional girl.) StuckInTheMiddle_3officialwithnames
©️ d_er-01
*Feel Free to make me new posters! Smile*

Featuring(Main Characters):
Kang Seoyeon-Fictional Girl
Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)-Big Bang
Jang Wooyoung-2pm
Ok Taecyeon-2pm
Extra Characters:
Big Bang
Super Junior
Chun Hua,Mina,YooBin(Not from WG)
SooYoung(Not FromSNSD)

*Note: I Pm those who comments. You are off the PM List if you were to miss 3 chapters. Please tell me if you had computer and/or school problems, if not. You are off.*

Chapter Index(No Prologue):
Chapter 1:

Stuck In The Middle OST( I do not own these songs.):
JJ Lin Jun Jie - Down( English Version )
Stuck In The Moment-Justin Bieber
Nothing Better-Brown Eyed Soul

The following is a work of fiction. The events and characters are fictional and the celebrity names/images merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life. No offence is intended towards them, their families or friends.

©️ Brenda. 2010. All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of Brenda..

copyright ©️ 2010 by Brenda..
All rights reserved

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2Stuck In The Middle (FT. Big Bang,2pm, and Various artists. Fictional girl.) Empty Chapter 1 on Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:42 am


A/N: Please ignore any errors I didn't see!

Chapter 1: I Can't Believe It. You're Different.

* Im So Sorry, But I Love You...*
My phone rang, It was 1:00am, I tried ignoring, but I couldn't.
"Forgot about me? Ya! Seoyeon, how can you forget oppa?"
" Jiyong Oppa! Sorry! Hows practice?"
"Just a little bit more hours to go, why? missed me? Hahaha."
"Hahaha, a little, Ya! oppa, go back to work, Fighting!"
"Sorry to wake you, Bye! Sahranghae!"
The sound of my alarm clock in the morning kills me! Oh, sorry I didn't properly introduce myself!
Hello! My name is Kang Seoyeon! I currently live in Seoul, South Korea! My heart currently belongs to Kwon Ji Yong,
Yes! G-Dragon from Big Bang.
"Aish! Waking up at 7am?! I really need to set my alarm clock later... Ah! I need to get ready for work!"
- Getting Ready -
I walked out the doors of my apartment
" Ya, fresh air... Ah! My bus... Noooo!!!"
I ran as fast as I could, but the bus left... I guess im walking.
-JYP Entertainment Office-
"Hello, Is 2pm in the practice room?"
"Thank You"
I went to the practice room, and opened the door.
"Aha, Hey! Wheres Wooyoung Oppa?"
"Over there, ready to practice?"
"Yeah, hold on just a minute."
I walked over to Wooyoung.
"Seoyeon!, Hey!"
"Haha,Hello Oppa!"
Meet Wooyoung Oppa, My best friend,we met about 2 years ago when i first became an assistant choreographer for JYP entertainment.
He helped me get used to the company and everybody around me. He's the best!
"Did you bring oppa food?"
"Ya! Ahaha, your supposed to be in shape!"
"Hahaha, Ok Ok, Hows...Jiyong?"
"You say it with so much enthusiasim, Haha he's fine why? Jealous?"
"Ahaha, no. Aigoo, thinking the funniest thing."
"Ahaha, ok oppa! come on! We have to practice!"
*Zeeeeeee, Zeeeee ( Vibration phone sounds)*
"Yes, Oppa?"
"I'm gonna have to cancel tonights dinner"
. . . . . . .
"Ya, they are a cute couple, hopefully they work things out." Taecyeon said.
"He hurts her too much, I hate it." Wooyoung answered.
Nichkhun decided to speak, "Wooyoung ah, Seems like you like Seoyeon, Why don't you tell her?"
"Are you crazy? Aha, I don't like her, she's my best friend, your funny! Haha,"
"Okay~" 2pm answered sarcastically.
"What?" Wooyoug said.
. . . . . .
"Why Oppa? Its our 100th day anniversary! You promised! Your manager approved!"
"Seoyeon, something came up, I can't make it."
"You skipped every anniversary we ever had...."
Tears filled my eyes, but I wiped em away so I can practice with 2pm.
*Big Bang's Dorm*
"Ya! Jiyong, why did you lie to Seoyeon?" Taeyang asked.
" I couldn't hurt her, it hurt me enough to lie."
"Hyung, you can drink with us next time."
"No, Daesung ah. This is our only days off, I'll celebrate with Seoyeon later."
*2pm's Practice Room*
"Ya! Seoyeon, stop dancing, and rest for a bit. You've been at it for hours!"
"Its okay, I feel fi-..."
I was blacking out, I couldn't move, but I could hear 2pm's voices...
"Seoyeon! Seoyeon!"
"Ya! We have to take her to the hospital!"
*Beep Beep Beep Beep*

The sound of my heart rate machine woke me up, "Ugh." My back was hurting, and I have a massive headache. I opened my eyes and see 2pm on the couch,
and Wooyoung sitting on the chair next to my bed.
"Oh, Seoyeon, your up." The docter said.
"Oh, hello. Uh, What am i doing here?"
" You fainted from exhaustion, you'll be fine as lon gas you take things slow for now."
"Ah, really? Ok." Then the docter left.
"Ya, Seoyeon, why scare us like that? We understand Jiyong-"
"Jiyong oppa?! Did you guys tell him?!"
"We weren't sure if you wanted us too" Junho said.
"Good. I don't want him too worry, you guys can go back to practice."
"I'm staying" Wooyoung said."
"No! Wooyoung you have to go prac-"
"I'm not leaving."
"But JYP-"
"He'll understand."
Wooyoung stayed with me throughout that night, Isn't he sweet? He made me smile and laugh.
*I'm So Sorry, but I Love You...*
"Its Jiyong Oppa."
He sighed, "Go ahead."
"Seoyeon! I heard you fainted? What happened?!"
"It's nothing, How'd you find out?"
"Uh, Your friend Wooyoung texted me." I glared at Wooyoung.
" I'm fine, don't worry."
"Ok, I'll take you out to dinner tonight."
"Ahh, Ok." I punched Wooyoung.
"Wooyoung! I told you not to tell him!" I took my pillow and started hitting him.
"Ahaha, Ow, Seoyeon, He needed to know!"
"Aish! You!"
"Hahaha, you know you can't hate me."
"Hahhaaha, mmmm. You know my weaknesses."
* Two Hours Later*
I woke up, and decided to get ready for my dinner date with Jiyong, When I woke up, Wooyoung was still there.
"Wooyoung Oppa." I tried waking him up. He finally woke up, "Ah. Yes, Seoyeon?"
"I'm getting discharged today, you can go home now."
"Whose taking you home?"
"Ah....Okay, Call me if anything happens."
"Aha, Okay."
* Thirty Minutes Later*
"Seoyeon, ready to go?"
"Ah, Youngbae. Wheres Jiyong?"
"In the car, Let's go!"
"You guys are coming too?"
"Mhm, Oh, here are the flowers from Big Bang!"
We walked down to the elevators, I couldn't help but think why didn't Jiyong get me? Don't get me wrong, Youngbae is like a brother to me
and I love him, but i was only speechless.
"Noona!" I heard Seungri call over.
"Ah, Seungri, your here... that's great."
"Noona, I knew you'll miss me!"
"Ah, Haha, Wheres TOP and Daesung?"
"In the car, come on, we'll take you to your favorite restaurant."
We got in the car, I met Jiyong's eyes, "Seoyeon!, Your alright!" He kissed me on the forehead, Its usually the lips.
"Yes, Oppa" I smiled slightly. when we were on our way to the restaurant I asked Jiyong if I could talk to him.
"Oppa, are you okay?"
"Yeah, Why? Do I look sick?"
"No,You just seem different."
"Aha, Seoyeon, You and your stories."
When we reached the restaurant Jiyong's presence felt weird, like it didn't matter anymore. I felt awkward.

Please ignore all mistakes!
How was it guys? Please comment! No silent readers, please! Comments make writers happy!
Please support a newbie like me! Very Happy

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OMG!!! I like this story! What's Jiyong hiding?!! Wooyoung is so affectionate!! Please add meto your pm list^^


~TaeChangKi~ Very Happy


My heart currently belongs to Kwon Ji Yong
sure it belongs to him.. hehehe!
BRENDA! BRENDA! add me on the pm list too!!


Brenda! Sorry for not replying earlier! there was some problems, but then add me to your pm list too Smile

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